• Lighten up and take time

    powerfull-living. Big Time! Re-evaluating her values, life purpose, and needs helped her to identify new business directions and goals with greater clarity and confidence.biz . Acknowledge whats happening. Incorporate this image as part of your daily routine (see Printed Yoga mat3) and use this picture to pull you forward through your transition. Up until five years ago, her business was thriving. Take charge of your attitude. She had just purchased a new home, a new car, and tickets for an Alaskan holiday. Create a vivid picture in your mind of how you see your life. Taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is a key factor in staying strong and focused. Instead of focusing on the worst, expect the best. Instead, we react to it; we try to control it; we create situations and problems to avoid dealing with it.

    Lighten up and take time to relax with friends and family. The way you view a situation determines your experience. 6. In the period of one year; her client base was reduced by 50%, dramatically affecting her net income and her entire life! The timing couldnt have been worse. 4. We experience change daily in many forms the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the conversations we have, traffic patterns, the WEATHER. Invite collaboration. YOU are the source of your thinking and behavior. . Sometimes we just need to be heard! 5.00 every time I heard someone say, I dont like change or, change makes me uncomfortable Id be a millionaire. Ask yourself How does this situation compel me to grow? What can I learn about myself, my life from this change?

    What opportunities does this change offer me? What can I take from this experience to improve myself/my life? Use what you discover to move you forward. Focusing on the whole person, Lorraine coaches people from the inside out; to implement innovative strategies that integrate their heart, integrity, and spirituality. Brainstorming is an excellent resource for pooling knowledge by gathering other points of view for creative problem solving. Get real about your situation and eliminate denial. No matter what is happening in your life, the one power you always retain is how you choose to view yourself and your situation. Practice being present. One of my clients has been in business for eighteen years. Ramp up self-care. So often, we dont associate potential, excitement and wonder with change. 2. Fear tends to view situations through a narrow lens with an emphasis on problematic thinking and worse case scenarios. (exercise schedules, morning and evening routines). FEAR. # 7. 8.

    Lorraine Cohen, Business Consultant and Life Strategist brings more than 25 years experience in personal coaching, business development, psychological counseling, and sales to over 2000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives from a wide range of industries. An expert in breaking through fear and roadblocks to success, she empowers people to take linear leaps that reshape their world. Its your life; make it the best! Copyright Lorraine Cohen, 2004. Others view change with anxiety and resistance. To learn more about Lorraine Cohens services, products, and programs, visit: www. Establishing some daily routines/habits provides consistency and a sense of control. Interrupt and replace negative self-talk. All Rights Reserved. While change is a constant in life, some changes (mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, reorganizations, job relocations, promotions, divorces, marriages, war) affect our lives on a bigger scale with impact on multiple areas of our business and personal lives. Recall a past experience you successfully transitioned. Creating a Defensive Strategy If youre facing (or anticipating) one change of several changes, these tips will help you navigate through transition and help you land on your feet: 1. Focus on where you are today to guide your decisions and actions. 3. Need to vent and/or have someone just listen?

    Build a support team of family, friends, colleagues and or professionals who will hear you with objectivity and encouragement. Five years later, its a whole new ball game with plenty of home runs.If I had $1. Identify what you can control and/or influence to gain perspective in devising a strategy for action. It felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her with so many changes happening all at once! Being in transition (the process or an instance of changing one form, activity, state, or place to another) brought up uncertainty, confusion, anxiety and the F word. Some people thrive on change they love it and even create more of it. How did you do it? What can you take from your past success to use in future experiences? Drawing from personal history builds confidence and stirs the creative juices. 10. Be engaged in pleasurable or stimulating activities. 9. See yourself in the future, at the other side of the transition. Be curious.

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